How to send a long video on Yo WhatsApp? - Yo WhatsApp download

 How to send a long video on Yo WhatsApp?  This is probably a question that many users would like to know.  The current popularity of short video apps has changed the way Yo WhatsApp is used.  With Yo WhatsApp, you may need to send a long interesting video that can be displayed in a short video app.  You may also need to send a longer video you created to a friend.  All this has to be sent via Yo WhatsApp.  I want to know how to send long videos via Yo WhatsApp.  Sending short videos is easy.  Just select a short video from the gallery and send it.  However, sending a long video is a different process.  Let's learn together!  This way, you can easily communicate with other users via Yo WhatsApp!

How to send a long video on Yo WhatsApp? - Yo WhatsApp download

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Steps to send a long video on Yo WhatsApp!

  • If you want to send a long video, you need to change the focus.  It's not just about putting the video in the gallery.  In fact, we know that images limit the size of the files you send.  To do this, you need to open the conversation in Yo WhatsApp and select Document.
  • Click on it and you will see a screen like this.  You will find an option to switch to another folder.
  • Clicking on this option takes you to your phone's gallery, where you can select the long video you want to send.
  • Once done, you will see that the longest videos have been sent to your contacts as documents.

These are all the steps to send a long video on Yo WhatsApp.  Note that the claim that Yo WhatsApp is a more advanced alternative to WhatsApp is not an empty phrase.  This is because even when you send files on the original version of WhatsApp, you should know that you can only send files with a maximum size of 100MB.  Yo WhatsApp allows you to send documents up to 1GB in size.  If you don't want to send long videos or compressed files, Yo WhatsApp is the best choice.